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Music psyience: we are optimistic covid-19 will soon be a thing of the past.

Covid-19 Patient In Isolation 

In Music psyience we are optimistic that the corona-virus pandemic would be a thing of the past in no distant time. We encourage you to take advantage of this free period to restructure your pattern towards music especially if you are within the category were we didn't observe originality. Do your best to comply to the guideline below even if you are not based in the tropics.

You may be infected with Corona virus but the possibility of death from it is not significant for people living in the tropical regions. The virus needs a cold environment to thrive and unleash its harms, that is why the lower respiratory tract determines the casualty for this virus.

Why did the Italian man that brought the virus to Nigeria survive? It has to do with temperature. He was admitted in a very heated room. He even complained of serious heat, got depressed (combination of non- conducive  environment, ill-health, and separation from his family).

Why did the foreigner from UK die? He came to Nigeria, stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks in Ibadan- he was constantly under air conditioner(this made his condition worse).Temperature is the same reason why the Whites die from FLU, whereas people in the tropical regions hardly die from flu. How many people in the tropical region receive flu vaccine?

Babies in the tropical regions do have flu, but they hardly die from it not to talk of the adults.

So, what should we do constantly during this period apart from; social distance, hand washing, avoiding overcrowding, doing away with hank shake and self-isolation if you have symptoms?

The following suggestions would make you stay above the virus:

Hot water bath (allow the water to run down from your head downwards- for men and women that cut their hair. For women with hair-do, allow the hot water to touch your face, or better still, cut your hair during this period- it is a limited period.

Hot water compress of your nose(soak a napkin/cloth inside hot water and press it on your nose 2-3 times in a day).

Drink hot water for now (limit your cold drinks).

Eat your food when it is hot for now.

Do steam inhalation preferably with menthol containing balms

 Vicks/Moko/osteo inhaler 3-4 times in a day(more frequent if you are exposed to someone who sneezed).

Eat ginger

Take peppery foods (If you are an ulcer patient and you want to do this- consult your doctor).

 Do away with air conditioner for now(car, home, hotel).

Eat healthy foods with vitamin C to boost your immunity.


Dr. Akintayo Segun Oguntona
Consultant Physician
Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital.



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