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Sanguine Category: Self Discovery For Music Artists (Part Two)

Controlling Your Excesses 

Controlling Your Excesses And Complimenting Your Limitations, (Sanguine).

In the part one of this series we addressed what self discovery is about in respect to  talent and temperament, under " Basic Foundation ".

In this series we will disclose
excesses and limitations associated with these factors (talent and temperament) that are needed to be controlled and complimented.

To catch up with the dynamics of the music industry as an artist, whether you are upcoming or not, is a process that can be very frustrating at times.

Having a basic knowledge on how to build a different principle through the concept of temperament and talent as discussed in the last series can get you equipped with the right techniques to neutralize conflicts and crisis associated with the dynamics, thereby positioning your self for reliability, trust and loyalty by fans, clients and associates.

 To successfully build this level of principle you have to firstly discover where you belong in the temperament groups As discussed in part one of the series.

 It's possible you may not perfectly fit-in in any of the groups but share similarities in more than one or two groups due to the combinations of the genes of your parents, because these traits are hereditary.

You may as well find it a bit uneasy to relate properly with any of the groups, perhaps due to family orientation, social-cultural background and past-personal  experiences, health issues, etc.

I rather say don't loose hope as I'm going to provide resources that will guide you to a point where you have self discovery in subsequent publications.

For artists that can relate properly or near properly with the temperament group, let's keep moving.

Addressing the first issue: What are the character (attitude) that you need to control and the ones needed to learn as it were not part of you originally... But the(se) character(s) are a necessity for achieving fame, trailed by strong reputation that would never be lost.

This would be addressed in respect to the downside of the four temperament groups: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic.

To note the qualities of the temperament groups, visit part one of the series.

Sanguine Music Artist

 Sanguine Music Artist.

One of the core excesses a
Sanguine Artist need to control almost immediately is unnecessary amusement, especially at very odd times, for example: It could be when the producer is stressed up trying to figure out the best tone for sanguine's loop on the console, record label owner signing a contract in a space meant for an artist, colab artist loosing consciousness in the recording boot

Such gestures are most often interpreted to mean that you derive pleasure from the misfortune of the Victim. Deep inside, the sanguine actually didn't feel or wish anyone a misfortune just that an impulsive nature that they have, misrepresent them thereby placing them in that light.

This action can reduce the esteem the persons involved originally had on the sanguine artist so low that he hit bricks on every move to gain assistance or be involved in collaborations or contracts that are deeply rewarding.

Another weakness of the sanguine is a talkativeness that present assumptions as a valid evidence. This particular attitude makes the other group members for example the cholerics to be freaked out especially as they (choleric) have the real facts because they worked hard and knows what's applicable in the ideal situation.

A good example is when a sanguine artist try to persuade a choleric producer to give a loop, a Jazz gesture when the recording was rock.

These are the major excesses of the sanguine artists noticed to hinder their progress in the industry, below are measures they can apply to curb it:

Firstly, pending when the sanguine learns to impede his laughter perceived as injurious. At the interim he need to device a means to really dispense the laughter on himself as well justify why he does that especially when the situation is tense and the impulse is irresistible.

Secondly the sanguine need to learn to acquire facts about many issues he wants to talk about as this will make his talkativeness a very interesting one. Then gradually learn to be patient to always speak when he has gathered necessary facts.

The sanguine artist need to learn how to drop his smiling face and wear a serious face in crucial events in the industry. For example beneficiary with smiling face during competitive awards are perceived as under-deserving rather than being deserving of the awards.

Most importantly as a reminder, as stated above, 

the new principle to be acquired in order to form a new personality are:

  • Learn to dispense the laughter on your self and justify it.

A Changed Sanguine 

  • Enreach your talkativeness with facts in order to sustain interestingness.
  • Learn to wear a serious look during rewarding events, especially if you have invested in the outcome of such event.

By practicing this principle consistently, a new personality which increases your relevance and influence of which are the major resource that determines the quality of "you" as a celebrity is achieved.

In our next post we'll make the remaining resource available. Addressing the same issue in respect to choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic.

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