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Personal Development Series (Part Three): Break Time ( Palliative From A Guest Writer)

The Worth Of The Palliative (In billions) 

 Break Time ( Palliative From A Guest Writer) 

In the ongoing personal development series we examined the structure of personal development in respect to music artists in part one ,  in part two we addressed the limitations and excesses associateed with the music artist as a human resource. 

Before we jump to part three we find it worthy to share palliative delivered to us from a guest writer.
The term palliative especially in today's pandemic which we all find our selves is not only attractive but seductive as well. In short term it connotes relief materials possibly cash through online transfer or physical disbursement, perhaps food stuff and their likes.

In a very similar way we received a relief material, a resource enriched with intelligence gathering, good enough to give directions towards the components of music which is appealing to the audience. 

Going through the resource indebtly one would realize that this is the best palliative for a music artist that wants to stand out. Most importantly it provides you with the insight to compose, develop and design new projects to satisfy the tastes of audience in their varieties.

The palliative is titled "WHAT KIND OF MUSIC LOVER ARE YOU"? Enjoy !!! 


We all love music but some of us do more than just listen to music. There are music lovers who prefer to shut out the rest of the world with their ear pods and there are others who prefer their stereo set. Ultimately, we all look to music for the same thing: Inspiration.  

Music has alw,ays been source of inspiration to people all over the world. As a matter of fact, good music is one language we all speak, no matter the language it was rendered in. While we all try to get some form of inspiration from music, we have our different ways of getting it. 

This posts shows five types of people and how they get their inspiration from music: 

Lyrics Lovers 

Lyric Lovers: these people don’t just depend on the tune for inspiration. They go as deep as what the music is saying and what information it is passing across. Lyric lovers weigh each statement in a song and try to apply it to their lives. They relate with the song on a word level and not just on a sound level. Lyrics is their source of inspiration, information, enlightenment and education. 

Beat Lovers 

Beat Lovers:  we all have that friend or sibling that likes to work or read with music in their ears. Some of these people also find a good beat irresistible.  For these kind of people, the tune or beat keeps them going and even brings out the dancer in them.  A properly blended tune or well mixed beat can get them to achieve more than they normally do. 

Trend Lovers 

Trend Lovers:  fact remains that not all music lovers, have the time to go searching for their choice of music. These people get their inspiration from the trend. The trending songs are always their source of inspiration. So genre or pattern doesn’t matter to them, as long as the song has made enough waves to get their attention. You can hardly catch these people staying loyal to one song for too long.

Oldie Lovers 

Oldie lovers: Are there songs that simply remind you of the good old days? Maybe because it brings back memories of loved ones or good times? Some people are oldie lovers. They relish the nostalgia that old songs bring and remain loyal even when that trend or pattern of music is lost. These people get their inspiration from sticking to the old ways that made them who they are.

Divers Lovers

Diverse music lover: these are the jack-of-all-songs. Old or new, slow or upbeat, these people just take what they get. They have no preference whatsoever and listen as long as its good music. For these people being in an opera house is the same as being in a club as long as the music keeps playing. Their inspiration is simply music. 

Falling into one category may be tough because man is the most adaptive creature on earth, so it is fine to fall into two or more categories. 

What category/categories do you fall into? Are there other means through which you get your inspiration from music?
Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Munachi Yvonne Frank-Dobi,
 A guest writer, 
Author and Director Reader's Boon


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity Victor. It was an honour to be a part of the amazing work you do here.

    1. It's an honour having you on our platform, we hope to host you again and again. We love you so much Munachi


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