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 Strategy For A Sustainable Music Career  

Strategy for sustainable music career 



It's a general notion that the sign of a successful music artist begins by attaining that height of being recognised as a  celebrity in the entertainment industry in this case music, despite the fact that it doesn't happen easily. It takes lot of hard work, consistency, dedication, inline with having a strategy to carry a uniqueness at a sustainable paste.

The uniqueness which eventually becomes the identity of the celebrity as well perceived as his/her brand, contributes immensely as part of weapon of influence on the audience/fans across borders. So many factors fuels this very influence, ranging from the choice of lyrics, especially the one built with invented words and rhymes, style of rendering, relevance of the song to situation on ground and lot more.

I as well want to state here categorically that there are celebrities and there are popular music artists.

By popular music artists, I simply refer to individuals who  find their way into the music industry for the purpose of music-as-a-business, rather than a passion-for-music driven by talent.

They take advantage of available instruments of technology, promotions/marketing and distribution structures to find their way into handheld and media devices of unsuspecting music-lovers without increasing the value of their musical content.

A Celebrity is different from this set of persons(popular music artists)  as he/she usually have a high cognition of music which translates to competent or effective auditory perception or judgement of the magnitude of musical sounds. Talent in music is built around these qualities as it guides their level of creativity around musical contents.

(Yoshitaka Nakajima, 2016), puts it this way: the principles that characterise music perception are as follows: regular and hierarchical structures of time, ambiguity in auditory stream formation, and tonality formation
This very talent to a great extent contribute to how successful an artist could be, the more reason their songs stay longer in the heart of music lovers for quite a long time even though they utilise the same distribution structures as does the "popular music artists".

Nevertheless, in this series  my focus is on outlining strategies every music artists who ought to be a celebrity should be aware of if he/she must have a successful career that's sustainable. 

We as well are aware of the fact that in resent times many celebrities tend to decline in the effort to entertain music lovers, you see it in their singles executed without bridges and transitional bridges, you notice it in their songs carrying only two patterns: one for chorus and the other for verses, you as well notice it when they feed us (music lovers ) strings of beats instead of dishing us creative vocals.

Unfortunately their are consequences for this level of negligence such as: a spread of the idea that the celebrity is outdated or that he/she is a tired old skool who refuse to retire and that concerts and other events in recent times, deserve a more contemporary celebrity that has fresh vibes.

When this idea about a particular celebrity lingers for a long time, it becomes a clear sign that there are things he/she is not taking into consideration that's killing him slowly music wise.

In this series we would unveil strategies every artist require if he must have a success that'll stand a test of time. Stay tuned..

Written by Victor Essenetuk: Web Research &Website Content Analyst, Digital Content Manager.



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