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VC Essenetuk aka Mr VC

   VC Essenetuk VC Essenetuk aka Mr VC is a digital content manager (DCM), and a recording artist. He's talented in music and has written and composed many songs.  His passion for taking music to a new dimension became a prominent factor for founding Music Psyience. He believes that giving everyone equal opportunity in the music industry will create an avenue for the industry to be populated with variety of interesting songs at a level that ushers the industry into a new phase. A phase where an art is celebrated on the basis of creativity as against fame. This new phase would be backed up with resources from science and psychology in order to empower the strength of every art involved while their weakness is controlled. Currently Mr VC is working on a song titled "kill divorce", this song addresses the negative impact of divorce and points existing and prospective couples to possible remedy to the menace called "divorce" the released date will be announced on th