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Home Vibes Contest

  Home Vibes

Home Vibes Contest

Home Vibes Contest
Home vibes is a music contest where the artists have to vibe and submit their song for the most interesting and entertaining vibe to win a prize.

Your song must be free of vulgar lyrics

The song must be rendered without beats

The song shouldn't be bellow two minutes by duration, and not more than three minutes 30 seconds. 

The song should not be more than one verse, with a chorus.

Collaborating with other artists is allowed

Where instrumentals is necessary, Improvising with objects such as desk or table top, etc, would be tolerated.

Lip-Sync, is totally discouraged.

No genre is restricted

General Rule.
The vocal attitude behind what you're voicing and the creativity in the song will contribute hugely to your success in the contest.

How the winner is determined.
Fans on Music Psyience platforms have a seventy percent (70%) vote share while the Music Psyience Panel has thirty percent (30%) vote share.

The winner will be determined by votes accumulated on the various platforms of Music Psyience as denoted bellow:

Votes on Facebook + Votes on YouTube + Votes on Instagram + Votes on + the Vote of the Music Psyience Panel

How to participate

Vibe your song any where you feel at home, record your vibes with phone camera, submit the video clip to the WHATSAPP platform of Music Psyience, any artist who isn't on WHATSAPP should contact Music Psyience for other options before the closing date.

Whats to be won..
The contest is in two categories: Gold and Silver.
For the Gold Category, you register through the link bellow.
Registration fee (three thousand naira) 

Prize to be won (Gold Category):
A recording contract.

Prize to be won (Silver Category):
A recording sessions and an upload in digital stores.

To register for the silver category Click here  and submit your biodata to Music Psyience through the WHATSAPP button on the Facebook page, no registration fee is required.

Registration closes 30 September 2021.

 Unchangeable by Mr VC.



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