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Sanguine Category: Self Discovery For Music Artists (Part Two)

Controlling Your Excesses  Controlling Your Excesses And Complimenting Your Limitations, (Sanguine). In the part one of this series we addressed what self discovery is about in respect to  talent and temperament, under " Basic Foundation ". In this series we will disclose excesses and limitations associated with these factors (talent and temperament) that are needed to be controlled and complimented. To catch up with the dynamics of the music industry as an artist, whether you are upcoming or not, is a process that can be very frustrating at times. Having a basic knowledge on how to build a different principle through the concept of temperament and talent as discussed in the last series can get you equipped with the right techniques to neutralize conflicts and crisis associated with the dynamics, thereby positioning your self for reliability, trust and loyalty by fans, clients and associates.  To successfully build this level of principle you have to fir

Self Discovery For Music Artists (Part One): Personal Development Series

Self Discovery For Music Artists : Basic Foundation. Self discovery is a state someone gets to due to an intentional and practical measures adopted to understand the extent and value of his mental capacity in respect to his talent, temperament and how these two factors ( talent and temperament) influences his preferences and coexistence with others, with the view to controlling the excesses as well compliment the limitations associated with these factors. The striking issue here is: what are the excesses and limitations associated with these factors (talent and temperament) that are needed to be controlled and complimented ? There are many theories that can provide answers to this question thereby guiding our lead to self discovery. The theories include: psychodynamics, humanistic, behavioral, temperament and trait theory. To get indebt understanding of the matter, we'll stay with temperament theory. Hippocrates as the originator of human temperament, propose

Music psyience: we are optimistic covid-19 will soon be a thing of the past.

Covid-19 Patient In Isolation  In Music psyience we are optimistic that the corona-virus pandemic would be a thing of the past in no distant time. We encourage you to take advantage of this free period to restructure your pattern towards music especially if you are within the category were we didn't observe originality. Do your best to comply to the guideline below even if you are not based in the tropics. You may be infected with Corona virus but the possibility of death from it is not significant for people living in the tropical regions. The virus needs a cold environment to thrive and unleash its harms, that is why the lower respiratory tract determines the casualty for this virus. Why did the Italian man that brought the virus to Nigeria survive? It has to do with temperature. He was admitted in a very heated room. He even complained of serious heat, got depressed (combination of non- conducive  environment, ill-health, and separation from his family). Why

Sweet Songs Everyone Without A Val Needs To Hear This Season.

A Fan Pleasured By Sweet Song   Sweet Songs Everyone Without A Val Needs To Hear This Season You can never here a sweet song and want to resist it, even if you are in a wrong mood. Sweet(interesting)  song has many factors coming together to make it sweet, such as: how well the notes were executed, creative lyrics, if the song relates to you directly or indirectly. There is one thing sweet song does to you. It induces the secretion of  pleasure enhancing hormone in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical also known as neurotransmitter. Neurosurgery and Brain Health online bulletin, affirms dopamine as thus "This chemical also communicates with the front part of your brain, which is associated with pleasure and reward". A study at  The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro at McGill University, reveal that listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, important for more tangible pleasures a

Music Psyience Hits The Industry...

Music Psyience is a project designed to provide you with varieties of songs that are, creative and dynamic enough without losing the power to entertain. We are putting together every resource necessary to meet this level of entertainment. We integrate resources from Science and Psychology that are of value to music in order to uncover knowledge needed to bring about a new experience in the music industry. Stay here, as we unfold what we have in stock for you.... Disclaimer